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To swim with Dolphins is an experience we may compare to Love, a Kind of Divine Euphoria. When I am in touch with the Angels of the Sea, my soul expands and remembers that her Divine Essence is Pure Joy. Free Dolphins swim with me in an atmosphere of total acceptance and Unconditional Love. When our eyes meet there is a magical effect of absolute Recognition. In the deepness of their eyes I find the Mirror of who I really Am. They have this capacity to bring me back to my Center, to my real Truth. When I communicate with them I learn to focus on the Infinite Joy inside me and experiment Ecstasy and the Pure Pleasure of Being alive. They lead me to my Own Light and my Wild Free Self, in total symbiosis with Nature.

Dolphins, like many other living creatures and beings are starting to leave the Earth Plane. Now is the time to meet these Masters and communicate with them through sounds, images and visions. They welcome me with humility and simplicity and they transmit their Wisdom to open my Heart and accelerate my own Healing and the Healing of the Planet. Sarah Dolphin









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